who we are

Harry, Dario and Paul are the proud, front facing members of Boathouse Carpentry.


Having worked together for more than a decade building strange and beautiful scenery for the theatre and entertainment industry, the last five years have been spent making more long-lasting work.


Boathouse Carpentry was formed in 2019 and as a company, we help guide our clients through the design process to ensure the result is close to perfection and always exactly what they dreamed of. 


Boat boys1.jpg

The full skill range on offer includes carpenters, metal fabricators and fibreglass experts as well as upholsterers and painters. We work with other trades where necessary to complete the project efficiently, on time and on budget.

Boathouse Carpentry are fully insured to work on boats in and out of the water as well as all land-based dwellings.

Dario is a career carpenter who has been working in the industry for over 20 years. After training as a cabinet maker, he moved into the construction industry and spent several years restoring neglected houses, designing and making bespoke furniture from new and up-cycled materials. Dario began working in the entertainment industry in 2001 and quickly forged a reputation as a fast thinking problem solver and an excellent production carpenter. Dario spent some time living on a narrowboat in London and learned to embrace life at an odd angle, and to throw away the spirit level.

Harry’s first job in the marine industry was for the world’s largest remaining wooden boat builders based in Bodrum. After a year he began working on sailing yachts, delivering and maintaining the vessels for clients in the Caribbean and Mediterranean Sea and further expanding his maritime knowledge. Harry has worked extensively on house renovation projects and has created many bespoke pieces of furniture. Since 2015, he has been working as a carpenter in some of London’s top entertainment venues.


Paul has been surrounded by talented carpenters and fabricators from a young age through his family’s business which involves vintage vehicle restoration. Having trained as an audio engineer, he began working in the entertainment industry within the sound department. After seizing an opportunity to join the scenic construction team, he has been working as a production carpenter in many of the country’s top venues since 2011. As with the other members of Boathouse Carpentry, Paul makes bespoke pieces of furniture for clients with a passion for detail and accuracy. He has been restoring and improving boats in and around the London area for the last six years and in 2017 moved on to the boat that he and his partner designed and built.

the inspiration 

In 2015, Paul and his partner made the decision to move on to the water.  They quickly realised that to achieve the home they wished for, it was going to have to come from them. 

After finding a steel fabricator who was open to their design ideas, they commissioned them to build a 60 foot by 10 foot hull. 

Over the next 8 months, they fitted out the interior including all services transforming a bare steel shell into a comfortable modern home. 

Since then, they have continued to work on floating homes on the London waterways coupled with a far greater understanding of the very specific needs of boat owners.